Reasons why employees hate human resources

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1. Human resources employees are incompetent

Employees go to HR and find uneducated and uneducated employees with little experience working in a professional HR office.

A common complaint is that HR staff are from accounting or another unrelated office and don’t know what they are doing with employees or in HR.

2. Human resources employees are dishonest

Employees complain that HR staff members are dishonest. They don’t tell the truth about how they handled an addictive situation. They misrepresent the employee’s story in management and in court. Many employees feel that human resources staff are unreliable because they lie to hide their mishandling of a situation.

3. HR only has the best interests of the company and management in mind

HR only cares about the interests of the company and the managers. In any employee grievance situation, HR will side with the manager most of the time. Even if you have multiple witnesses or bandar togel singapore employees who have repeatedly complained to HR of the same behavior, HR takes the side of the company.

4. HR is not objective and fair

Employees believe that human resources staff members are not impartial or impartial. Their desire to keep their jobs, to earn a higher salary and their next promotion prevents them from recognizing the legitimate point of view of the employees.

5. HR is too involved in office politics

Human resources staff members are considered by many employees to be looking to foster the favor of executive leadership. They do business with political employees based on the employee’s job title and location. ……..!