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  • Management of salaries and company benefits in the organization

    Human resources managers are also responsible for creating a corporate compensation and benefits strategy . A generous benefits program can help attract excellent candidates and reduce employee turnover. Benefits are also a form of reward for employees which, as we know, positively influences motivation. It is also the responsibility of HR managers to ensure that […]

  • Reasons why employees hate human resources

    Reasons why employees hate human resources

    1. Human resources employees are incompetent Employees go to HR and find uneducated and uneducated employees with little experience working in a professional HR office. A common complaint is that HR staff are from accounting or another unrelated office and don’t know what they are doing with employees or in HR. 2. Human resources employees […]

  • Confirmation email best practices and examples

    Imagine that you don’t receive an order confirmation after ordering your new favorite sneakers that are coming soon. You will only be forwarded to the general “Thank you for your order” screen and nothing else will be displayed. There is no brief summary of your order, confirmation email, shipping details, tracking information, or Nada. Only […]